The Link Between Oral And Mental Health

The Link Between Oral And Mental Health

In the same way that your oral health gives a glimpse into your body’s inner workings, there is mounting scientific evidence that points to a strong connection between your oral health and mental well-being. 

Many psychiatric illnesses, particularly eating and mood disorders, are usually associated with dental disease and damage. A study estimates that people who have serious mental health conditions are 2.7 times more likely to lose their teeth than the population. 

Oral Health And Mood Disorders

Patients with affective disorders tend to avoid caring for their physical health, and their teeth are no exception. As a result, those with depression and anxiety develop cavities due to self-neglect and unhealthy eating habits like heavy consumption of sugary drinks and fatty foods.  

Patients suffering from severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia and dementia are likely to have advanced gum disease or tooth decay due to bacterial infection.

In a study, 59% of psychiatric outpatients in Australia had at least moderate pockets or a condition where the gum has retreated from the tooth. 

On the other hand, patients with bipolar disorders in their manic phase may sometimes brush too aggressively to the extent that it erodes the enamel or the outermost layer of your teeth. Overly vigorous brushing or flossing can not only wear down the enamel but can also injure your gums.


In some cases, people with mental illness grind or clench their teeth excessively in response to stress or anxiety in a condition known as bruxism.

Although most cases are mild, severe bruxism can damage the enamel and affect the deeper structures of your teeth, resulting in sensitivity, facial pain, and tension-type headaches.

Some psychotropic medications or drugs designed to improve your behavior and stabilize your mood can also result in dry mouth or xerostomia. 

If you have this condition, your mouth cannot produce sufficient saliva to break down and wash away food. Since saliva acts as a natural defense against harmful bacteria, people with dry mouth are more vulnerable to gum and tooth problems. 

Oral Health And Eating Disorders

The warning signs of most eating disorders are observable with changes to one’s mouth. Your dentist may be the first clinician to diagnose an eating disorder ahead of a psychiatrist, especially if they have prior knowledge of your medical history.

For instance, individuals struggling with bulimia are at high risk of dental damage due to constant binge and purge cycles. Research shows that as much as 38% of patients with eating disorders suffer from tooth erosion.

Vomiting causes corrosive stomach acid to flow to the mouth, which is harmful to the enamel. Over time, the tooth can weaken, become brittle, and more translucent. This condition can make it difficult to eat hot and cold food and drinks. 


When individuals insert fingers or objects to induce vomiting, they can also scratch and damage the inside of the mouth, especially the soft palate.

Similar cuts on the knuckles usually accompany redness or other injuries to the soft palate. Over time, the destructive behaviors of bulimic individuals can also cause salivary glands to enlarge. 

Likewise, people with anorexia that go to extreme lengths to avoid gaining weight are harming their teeth by failing to get the nutrition they need. 

Without insufficient amounts of vitamin B3, for instance, anorexia patients can develop bad breath and canker sores. Gums and other soft tissue become more prone to bleeding, and dehydration can quickly give way to dry mouth.

Some eating disorders can also increase the likelihood of degenerative joint diseases in the jaw area. When the joint weakens due to wear-and-tear, it may cause pain and headaches whenever you chew. 

Knock-On Effects

When your oral health takes a turn for the worse, it often results in severe pain and discomfort that could interfere every time you eat or speak.  


Once oral damage and disease become noticeable, it can lower the self-esteem of people already suffering from mental disorders.

As a coping strategy, individuals can withdraw or isolate themselves, launching a vicious cycle where their mental health deteriorates even further and preventing them from receiving the help they need. 

Moreover, advanced dental disease is linked to potentially life-threatening complications like stroke, heart disease, and other respiratory illnesses.

Bad oral hygiene can also lead to the formation of bacteria in your bloodstream or bacteremia that can trigger an inflammatory reaction in your arteries. 

 Final Thoughts

If you’re receiving treatment for a mental health problem, your oral health must get just as much medical attention as other aspects of your physical health. 

An in-depth assessment should involve the coordination of your mental health and dental care provider and consider how these factors all come into play.

Close multidisciplinary collaboration is necessary for delivering the treatment you need to restore your smile and improve your state of mind.


Benefits Of Having A Family Dentist


Each family member has different needs, and dental health can be the last priority. They may think that brushing three times a day already suffices for maintaining good oral hygiene.

However, brushing cannot eliminate all issues you may or may not see by the naked eye. Consider having a family dentist, as they can be beneficial for you and your family. Here are several reasons why you need a family dentist.

Keeps Track Of Your Dental History

Keeping a dental history is essential for a dentist to determine what steps to take to maintain your oral health. Your dentist won’t feel stressed about providing you treatment plans suitable for you because they already know your dental condition.

When you frequently see your family dentist, they will record your dental history, any allergies, special needs, or sensitivities. If you have found your family dentist, they will instantly know when you had your last check-up, your previous dental procedure, etc. 

Family dentists can also identify if your family has dental genetic problems and prevent them before they worsen. 


Families can save both travel and time if each member sees the same dentist on the same day at the same location. Family patients don’t need to go to different clinics for their dental needs.

If you have a family dentist, it saves time, energy, and money from one clinic to another as family dentists provide all services. However, make sure that your prospective family dentist can treat both children’s and adult’s dental problems.

Develop A Trusting Relationship


Communication is key to building a personal and trusting relationship. Once you have chosen your family dentist, you will develop a personal relationship that can last for a lifetime.

Through time, you and our family members will feel comfortable around your family dentist each dental appointment because you know that they know how to handle your concerns.

Having a family dentist is beneficial for children because they get to familiarize themselves with the dental clinic’s environment. Hence, it puts them at ease and makes dental visits more comfortable. Consider a family dentist that has toys, games, and books that your children will love.

Knowledge Of Your Condition

Consulting the same dentist helps determine your overall dental condition. They will also thoroughly check if there are underlying problems with your family’s oral health. This way, they know what to prescribe you to improve your oral health further.

The dentist can also look out if there are any improvements on your teeth, gums, and surrounding tissues.  In case they detect serious health problems, they can refer you to a specialist for further examinations.

Awareness Of Serious Health Problems

Family dentistry is crucial for your family’s overall health.

As mentioned earlier, a family dentist helps detect if you have severe possible health conditions. So before getting your teeth cleaned, you must inform your family dentist about your current surgeries or conditions, such as prosthetic joint replacement or high blood pressure.

Dentists recommend taking a prophylactic antibiotic before proceeding with dental cleaning or procedures to prevent bacterial infection on the surgery site.

If you have high blood pressure, you are at risk of having dry mouth and tooth decay. So, be sure to let your dentist know about this condition. A patient needs to have a blood pressure reading before treatment. Anyone with high blood pressure is also not allowed to undergo any dental work. 

Sets An Example To Your Children


Visiting your family dentist regularly teaches your children the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene. It will become part of their routine to regularly visit the dentist to have regular check-ups and practice good oral hygiene habits, which will prevent future dental problems.

Also, having a family dentist means that the whole family can have their teeth cleaned together, unlike having different dentists where children may not see you having your teeth cleaned. 

Learn More About Oral Health

According to Regina M. Benjamin, MD, MBA, “The simple gesture of flossing and brushing are instilled in us in order to maintain our “pearly whites;” yet, oral health is much more than clean teeth.

The first step towards maintaining good oral hygiene is by learning. Family dentists will teach you about daily oral care, proper brushing techniques, diet, and many more.

They will also keep your family updated with the latest technological procedures and practices in providing the best dental care.

Importance Of Family Dentists

Brushing your teeth alone isn’t enough. You and your family must visit your family dentist regularly for cleaning and check-up. Visiting a family dentist improves your family’s overall dental health and helps develop the confidence in each family member.


Why The Lockdown Has Been Good For Kids Who Should Be On A Sugar Fast


I have been trying to make my two kids lay off sugar for a while now. Every time we go to the dental clinic, the dentist always tells me that both have cavities. I am not overly worried about my three-year-old son’s milk teeth rotting since they are meant to fall off. However, my eight-year-old son’s permanent teeth start to grow, and I do not want him to wear dentures anytime soon.

Although the dentist has never accused me of being the reason why the children have learned about sweets in the first place, I cannot help but feel guilty about it. After all, it is true—I let my kids eat ice cream and chocolates before they can even walk and talk. I have later realized that that’s not the smartest thing to do, but it is already too late—they have grown to love it. Whenever we visit any place or go on a trip, those little ones only behave when we give them donuts, candies, etc. Making them control their desire for sugary foods has been a challenge, and I do not know what to do.


I came close to the point where I wanted to throw my hands up in the air and give up. I thought that there was nothing I could try to make my boys stop overeating sugar. Just then, the entire state got placed under strict quarantine due to the coronavirus outbreak, and I allowed myself to hope a little.

This lockdown has been good for children like mine who should be on a sugar fast because:

They Cannot Go Grocery Shopping With Mom And Dad Anymore

I used to make excuses whenever I needed to go grocery shopping, and my kids wanted to tag along. It was not because I did not want to hang out with them; it’s just that I knew where they would run off: the chocolate aisle. Once they find it and start throwing a fit when you say no to buying the goodies, you may want to give in instead of dealing with a meltdown.


Now, this is a problem that you may be liberated from during the quarantine. After all, you won’t be lying to the children when you say that they can no longer get groceries with you. Even you are not advised to go in and out of the house whenever you please. But the rule is more favorable to you than to them, considering they cannot see piles of chocolates anymore.

They Don’t See Other Kids Eating Sweets

When you are a child, your id typically kicks in most of the time and makes you want whatever you see others eating. Say, if someone eats ice cream in the playground, everyone wants one too. It does not matter if they have the same brand at home—the kids merely want to be able to fit in.


Parents Can Introduce Healthier Snacks Without A Problem

Another advantage of doing a sugar fast during quarantine is that you can reorganize your pantry and get rid of unhealthy snacks, such as junk foods, chocolates, pastries, etc. Your kids will only complain about it in the first few days because not everyone is accustomed to massive changes. However, they may become interested in healthy snacks if you give them delicious options.

Final Thoughts

I will never wish for a pandemic to take place just so my children can stop eating sugary products. Despite that, I am not ignorant of the fact that the lockdown has genuinely helped my kids cut down their sugar intake.

If your problem is similar to what I went through, learn from the tips above and stay safe.

The Sacraments Of The Catholic Church


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The 2019 Divine Retreat was successful as it was memorable. The retreat center was filled with participants composed of nuns, evangelizers, adults, couples, young people who wished to experience outer and inner healing. Food and accommodations were available and more than enough, thanks to the generous sponsors that helped make the event possible. There were even accommodations ready for people with disabilities. The healing sessions began with a meaningful message, God’s word spoken by the Vincentian fathers that ran the retreat. And with the guidance of the sacraments and the holy eucharist, the participants of the retreat experienced spiritual vigor and a renewed sense of vitality. The retreat also consisted of lessons about the holy sacraments.

What Are Sacraments?

‘Sacrament’ means ” a sign of the sacred.” They are outward signs that God has brought upon his children. They are also celebrations of the people’s continuous relationship with God.

Baptism is the first of seven sacraments. Here, you get together with God and the church. The priest baptizes an individual by immersing him into the water, depicting the cleansing of the person’s sins through the water and through God’s word. The candidate is typically a baby but it is never too late for anyone who wants to start a relationship with God.

Confirmation is the second part of the initiation process. The person accepts the gift of the Holy Spirit before he proceeds with his journey. While confirmed, he is blessed on his forehead with oil by a priest or bishop. This step is usually done when one reaches his later stages of childhood.

The Eucharist means a day of thanksgiving – when the body and blood of Christ are given and accepted by the person through bread and wine, just as Jesus broke bread and drank wine with his disciples during the last supper. This means that a human being is nourished by Christ’s body and blood.

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The other four sacraments that follow are penance, anointing the sick, holy orders, and marriage. Accepting all seven sacraments is a wonderful moment, as one finally experiences the salvation of Christ. However, keeping one’s faith does not only happen through sacraments but also through one’s devotion and everyday prayers.



Woes Of People In Braces During Quarantine


Getting dental braces is something that I keep on putting off for the last two decades now. My parents encouraged me to do it at the age of 12, but I told them that I was proud of the gaps between my teeth. That was a lie, of course—you would never me smiling with my teeth showing in the olden days. However, I saw how much pain my friends experienced when they got braces, so I stood by the lie.

My perception merely changed last year when I realized that there’s a little discrimination between folks with and without perfect teeth. Although it was very subtle in most industries, it was more visible in sectors where face value mattered more than anything. Since I wanted a career in sales, I knew I had to woman up and have my pearly whites fixed.

After a month of consulting with a dentist, I came out of the clinic with dental braces. Did it hurt as much as I had imagined when the teeth started moving? Yes! During the first few days, it felt like all of them would fall out of my mouth. However, it eventually became more tolerable as months passed by.


Two months ago, my dentist gave me excellent news: I only needed to go through three more adjustments before transitioning into retainers. It meant that the wide gaps were almost gone, and I was excited about that.

Unfortunately, a month after that, our entire state was placed under quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The dental clinic where my dentist was practicing had to close temporarily, and it meant three things:

Teeth Movement Cannot Be Monitored

Dental braces are typically okay to stay unchecked for a month or two. That is especially true if you need to go out of town for weeks or your dentist is on a holiday trip. The braces are not removable either, so there should be nothing to worry about.


However, in some cases like mine, monthly checkups are essential. My ceramic braces, to be precise, require monitoring since they are more fragile and move teeth slower than regular ones. Given that the dentist is out, I may need to wear braces longer than expected.

Loose Brackets Cannot Be Fixed

There are plenty of reasons why brackets detach from the teeth. The most common one is that they have been bumped out of place while munching on crunchy foods. Other reasons include:

  • Brushing teeth too much
  • Biting into dense foods (e.g., a whole apple or burger)

The wire can usually prevent a bracket from falling off. If there is rubber around it, the bracket may remain secure, too. Despite that, it can still be irritating to touch the area with your tongue and feel that there is already a gap between your tooth and the bracket. Worse, you cannot go to the dental clinic to fix it.


Excess Wires Cannot Be Cut

For brace wearers with wide gaps between the teeth, one recurring issue is the excess wire length. The dentist tends to ensure that it does not go past the molar bands during every appointment. However, the more your teeth move towards the center to close those gaps, the more the wire ends become exposed. If you have never experienced it, imagine one end of a staple wire poking the inside of your cheek, to the extent that it bruises.

I guess I am lucky because I only have several gaps left on my lower set of teeth. There is still excess wire, but it is only less than a millimeter long at this point. Unfortunately, other folks who have only started wearing braces for the same reason recently may experience faster teeth movement and have a longer piece of wire poking out.

Final Thoughts

Let’s not forget that it is not the dentists’ fault that they cannot go to work these days. The job requires them to be in close contact with patients’ mouths, and it is the ultimate source of the coronavirus. All we can do is pray for COVID-19 to leave this planet real soon.

Easy Methods Of Improving Dental Health Care


Benefits of Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces


Oral health improvement and progress was the primary topic at the 2018 Dental Summit. Prominent speakers and specialists discussed dental health and advances in the field of dentistry. There was an exchange of knowledge between the speakers and the rest of the participants about the various technologies that would help improve and increase people’s awareness of the importance of oral health care.

Though it may seem simple for some of us, others just don’t know how to clean their teeth properly. In relation to the Dental Summit, here are five easy methods of maintaining or improving dental health.

Purchase A Good Quality Toothbrush. It doesn’t mean that you need to buy those electric toothbrushes that light up. You just need something that’s not so tough that it can hurt your gums and teeth without actually realizing it. Choose a toothbrush that has soft to medium bristles that can efficiently clean without scratching the enamel of your teeth.

Reinforce With A Good Mouthwash. This is especially important for those who have bacterial buildup, tooth pain due to cavities, or bad breath. Listerine and Colgate are good brands that can efficiently help reduce bad breath and remove germs from the gums and teeth.

Practice The Habit Of Flossing. Flossing regularly is one of the common recommendations of dentists. Although this may not be an enjoyable and convenient habit to do, it is the only means of removing food and other substances that are stuck in between the teeth. If these aren’t removed for a long time, they form into plaques that will be difficult to remove without visiting the dentist. It is preferable to floss one a day before bedtime.

Woman Brushing Teeth


Tap Water Is Better. Drinking lots of water has proven to offer various benefits, but specifically consuming the community water that’s been fluoridated apparently yields more positive results, including a reduction of tooth decay to at least 25%. Fluoridation makes a significant impact on the health of your teeth. Nevertheless, drinking any kind of water, as long as it is clean, will benefit all of us in more ways than one.

Effective Ways To Care For Your Teeth

Dental care must be your number one priority at all times. Regardless of how busy you are in the office, it is crucial on your part to take a break so that you can attend to your dental hygiene needs. Keep in mind that failure to do this can have adverse effects on your part. At the same time, you must also understand that some dental tips may be easy to follow. As such, you can incorporate them into your day-to-day activity.


In today’s article, we are going to provide you with a list of effective ways on how you can care for your teeth. As early as now, you have to instill in your mind that dental hygiene is essential. Stop thinking that the process of caring for your teeth is tedious. What is crucial at this point is to develop a habit of prioritizing dental care. Here are some of the things to keep in mind:


Have A Regular Dentist


As much as possible, stop changing your dentist every now and then. Otherwise, you may end up having a messy dental record. No licensed dentist will be able to provide a thorough explanation of your dental history if you keep on replacing the professionals who handle your case. The right thing to do is to select the best dentist in your community and keep him around at all times. It is ideal for taking time to research for the best-licensed dentist or dental hygienist in your area. What you need to avoid is rushing the process because it can expose you to more errors.


Brush Your Teeth Regularly


One of the basic dental care tips that you must never forget is to brush your teeth at least thrice a day. There is no other justifiable reason that would excuse you from not doing this. Always remember that you must not only brush your teeth regularly. At the same time, you must also never neglect the significance of using floss whenever you can. Take note that some of the major causes of toothache are bacteria that stays on your gums. You can remove them through brushing and flossing.


Get The Right Treatment


When you visit your dentist, make sure to inquire if there is an urgent need on your part to avail of treatment. Never think that you have the perfect teeth at all times. You have to face the reality that sometimes, no matter how much you make an effort in caring for your teeth, there will always come a time that it will have damage. Fortunately, you can always refer to your dentist and get the proper treatment. Make sure to also ask about the cost of each treatment and what it does so that you will know the budget needed to go through the procedure.


Care for your teeth at all times so that you will not suffer any form of pain or inconvenience. Consult with your dentist whenever you think something is wrong with your dental health.


3 Questions To Ask Your Kid’s Dentist

Do you have several questions about the dental care or hygiene of your child? Does it bother you whenever your kid experiences some problems in his teeth or gums? Is it your goal to see to it that he gets the best treatment and assistance from his dentist? If you answered yes to all these questions, then make sure to read the rest of this article. We are going to discuss the different inquiries that you can ask a licensed dentist regarding the dental health of your child.


Before anything else, it is imperative on your part to understand that asking several questions to a dentist is not wrong. You have the right to make the necessary inquiries, especially if you have no idea about the proper dental care tips to follow. Aside from this, never feel embarrassed to raise questions to the dental hygienist of your child in cases where your kid is suffering from some problems. Instead, take it as an opportunity to help your child feel better or improve his mood. Below are the top three questions to ask the dentist:


“How Often Should We Visit The Dental Office?”


The frequency of your visit to the dentist is one of the keys to improving your child dental health. As such, it is best if you can find out from the dentist the number of times that he requires you to visit his office. Take note that knowing this ahead of time is essential, mainly if you are a busy parent. It can be beneficial on your part if you already know the schedule of the dental check-up regularly.


“What Are The Dental Products To Use?”


If you want to get the best dental care for your child, feel free to ask his dentist about the top-recommended products that your kid can use. Take note that licensed dentists know what will work for a specific kind of teeth. Just because a brand is well-promoted or marketed does not necessarily mean that it can be suitable for your child. The right thing to do is to check out the suggested dental products and consider it in buying the dental care items needed by your little one.


“When Is The Best Time To Meet?”


If there is one thing that you need to know right now, it is the importance of setting a meeting with a dentist first before showing up at his clinic. Have the decency to book for an appointment ahead of time. Put in mind that the said dentists have several patients to attend. If you show up right away, there is a possibility that you will not be entertained. Another way of doing this is to ask the dentist directly about the ideal date of the next visit. You can go to him straight after a session that he has shared with your son. Make sure to show up on time if you have agreed to set an appointment at a given date.


Your child’s dentist must be your number one source of excellent dental health care tips. Be sure to use it to your advantage.


How To Choose The Dentist For Your Kids

Being a parent can be exciting yet challenging, especially when you need to take care of a lot of things. People expect you to provide nothing but the best to your kid. Whether you like it or not, it is imperative on your part to be aware of the various ways on how to see to it that your child grows up to be healthy. One of the things that you must pay attention to is the dental health of your beloved kid. As much as possible, you must find a dentist whom you can trust. Never make a mistake of getting touch with a dental professional who does not know the proper methods on how to deal with children patients.


In this article, we are going to provide you with a list of effective tips on how to search for the best licensed dental hygienist. Before anything else, you need to be aware that the choice of your child’s dentist will matter a lot. If you make an error in choosing this professional, there is a high possibility that your kid’s health will be put at risk. At the same time, your child may not receive the proper dental care necessary to keep him confident as he grows up.


Below are some of the things to look into when hiring a dentist for your kids:


Ask Around


One of the effective ways to find the best dentist in town is to ask other parents. Do not hesitate to inquire about the names of the dentists that they have for their children. For sure, you will receive different names. As such, all you have to do is to consider the name with the most number of recommendations or referrals. Do not hesitate to make further inquiries if necessary.


Check The Internet


With the latest developments and advancements in the field of technology, it has become a lot easier for many people to check information from the Internet. What you must do is to research the list of dentists in your local area. You can get the names of these dentists as well as their addresses. If you are good at researching, you may also find their websites. Be sure to check these online pages to get the right information you need.


Visit The Office First


Before you decide on selecting the dentist for your child, be sure that you have paid a visit to the dental hygienist first. Avoid making any commitment to the said professional if you have not yet discussed some essential matters. Remember that there is a necessity to discuss the professional fees that he may charge as well as the rates of his services. If possible, discuss some discounts or offers if you choose to retain him as the official dentist for your child.


As long as you follow the tips and tricks that we mentioned above, there is nothing else that can prevent you from choosing the best dental hygienist or dentists for your beloved child.



Dental Care: Why It Must Be A Top Priority

There are many things that you need to take into consideration when it comes to taking good care of yourself. First of all, it is essential or crucial for you to focus on your physical health. As much as possible, you must find time to exercise and follow a balanced diet to ensure that you can have a healthy lifestyle. Aside from this, you must never take your mental wellness for granted. At the same time, it is also best if you will find time for dental care.


In this article, we are going to provide you with the top reasons why you need to give attention to your teeth. Do not take it for granted so that you can avoid problems or issues in the future. Here are some of the techniques or tips that you need to know why you must prioritize dental care:


Prevent Loss of Teeth


Are you aware that one of the leading causes for having a tooth loss is poor dental hygiene? If you do not want to go through this kind of trouble, make sure that you find a way to communicate or get in touch with your dentist. As much as possible, brush your teeth regularly and use dental floss. If you are not aware of the right products to use, do not hesitate to ask your dentist about it. For sure, he can provide you with all the information you need.


Avoid Stress


When you have poor dental health, there is a high possibility that you will suffer some inconvenience or even pain. Because of this, it is also highly probable that you will be in a bad mood. Once this happens, stress and anxiety will start to appear in your life. If it continues to take place, you may become worried and moody most of the time. If you want to refrain this from happening, be sure to take good care of your teeth. Remember that if you have a teeth problem, you may also suffer a lot of physical pain.


Maintain Your Hygiene


Failure to take care of your dental health can also have adverse effects on your overall hygiene. You may develop some serious illnesses that will prevent you from being confident about yourself. Aside from this, you can also suffer from bad breath, especially if the condition will go out of hand. To prevent this from taking place, it is crucial for you to find time to meet your dentist. Let him know if you have any serious concerns so that you can fix it as soon as possible.


Stop making excuses for missing out on your appointments at the dental clinic. Free your schedule whenever necessary. As already emphasized above, the faster you act in dealing with the issues, the better it would be on your part. Be sure to focus on your health – physical, mental, and dental. Ask for assistance or support from friends if you think you need one.