Types of Dentists and What They Do

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When we think of Dentistry, what goes inside our mind is the simple task of our family dentist of removing and cleaning our teeth or perhaps doing a root canal once in a year. However, there is more to Dentistry than what we know of, as the dental field further expands to encompass a wide variety of specialties. Do you want to know exactly how many kinds of dentists there are officially? Here is a list of dental specialties as approved by the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia. 


The Dentists and What They Do

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The General Dentist

Our family dentist is the most common that we go to. He provides for most of our oral health needs, such as dental cleaning, removal and patient education on how to take care of our teeth. He is responsible for preventing oral diseases, which is why he is the most popularly visited oral health provider, owing to the 65% of dental procedures being preventive or diagnostic. 


General dentists all offer other services such as: 

  • Removing decayed teeth and artificial filling replacements
  • Fixing broken, cracked, missing teeth
  • Fitting for dentures
  • Dental implants and root canal therapy
  • Teeth whitening and cosmetic bonding


The Orthodontist

This specialist focuses on jaw and teeth alignment. He’s popular among teens and adolescents who go to have retainers and colorful braces done. He also designs dental alignment trays, mouth guards, headgears, and facemasks. 


Additionally, an important role of the orthodontist is in treating abnormal occlusions. Sometimes we bit our gums or other parts of the internal mouth because our teeth may be too crowded or crooked. They use appliances that are pre-approved before application. Your first visit to the orthodontist is at the age of 7, braces and other hardware can be placed and crooked teeth from thumb sucking or tongue-pushing habits. 


The Periodontist

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While the general dentist is responsible for taking care of our teeth, the periodontist aims to keep our gums healthy and strong. They diagnose, prevent and treat gum infections and abnormalities. In cases of severe gum disease, he can perform minor surgery to try and restore our smile. He utilizes lasers in fixing gums and placing implants on teeth that can no longer be repaired. 


Periodontists are essentially responsible for maintaining oral hygiene by mostly focusing on gum issues, although their goal is the same as with the other dentists: to maintain the health of your natural teeth as much as possible. 


The Prosthodontist

If you want a smile makeover, you will need a team of dentists who will perform this for you, and the captain of this team would be the prosthodontist. Often referred to as the “architect of smile,” the prosthodontist’s role is quite sensitive so it takes another three years post dentistry before acquiring a certificate in the specific field. He is responsible for the attachment (‘prosthesis’) of new teeth (‘odont’) through dentures, dental implants, porcelain veneers, or crowns. 


The Endodontist

The inner part of the teeth and the part below the gum line are the focus of the endodontist. If you are looking for someone who can help relieve pain from an inflammation in the pulp tissue or the inner tooth, then he is the best dental provider to go to. The procedure or this complication would be root canal therapy. They also perform repairs due to pulp damage and general dentists often recommend them if individuals require more complicated procedures. 



There are many dental specialists that we can go to that we need to be aware of. Definitely, our teeth are among the most distinct parts of our face that are noticed every time people look at us and we should take time to have them taken care of. 


Toothaches and tooth complications are sometimes so severe that they disrupt our daily activities. We should be wise to find ways to deal with those complications, including depression and anger. If you need help in coping with emotional and mental issues, try to contact a therapist near your area. 

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