Opting For Dental Implants

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What is a dental implant?


When we reach the age of 20, there’s a possibility that we will start losing teeth because of a periodontal disease, an injury, an accident and some other reasons. People would traditionally then get a denture which is removable artificial teeth. Dentures could have some disadvantages like you have to  worry that it might go off consistently. Then there’s a dental bridge which bridges the gap caused by a missing tooth. The only thing about dental bridges is that it requires support from existing teeth or crown.

Dental implants don’t go off because it’s not removable. A dental implant is merged into the jawbone as a root replacement. It is usually made of titanium and does not require any nearby tooth or bone to support it.

When do I need a dental implant?


Opting to have a dental implant is a preference. You can choose from other different dental procedures, but a dental implant is the most sophisticated and advanced choice for you. They are unnoticeably replacements. You may even forget you have it because it is very stable and does not depend and does not affect the nearby teeth. Dental implants cost more, but with all its advantages, you will undoubtedly get your money’s worth. 


What are the preparations for a dental implant procedure?


Being physically prepared is one of the requirements for getting a dental implant, and there are also some other simple preparations you could do before undergoing a dental implant procedure:

  1. Ideally, soft meals like soup, oatmeal, and smoothies will be on your diet for next few days after the process. You may not be able to chew on harder foods, so it is best to get a juicer to be still able to get the nutrients you need while recovering from the procedure.


2. Fasting 4-12 hours before surgery is required like any other surgeries as you will be under sedation during the procedure, but this will also be confirmed by your periodontist.


3. Get a good night’s sleep. Sleeping will reenergize us and prepare our body for the procedure. You must be physically and mentally prepared, so sleeping the night soundly before would be a tremendous help in preparing for your appointment.


4. Prepare your clothes and all the things you need for your appointment. Make sure that you wear comfortable clothes, and as much as possible, don’t bring much stuff to avoid carrying weight.


5. Ask someone to be with you through your procedure as you will need assistance. Ask someone who could drive for you.

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Who would do my dental implant?


General Dentists are allowed to perform all dental procedures by law, but most dentists choose to refer patients to specialists like periodontists or oral and maxillofacial surgeons. The specialist is the one to check where your implant is to be placed, and after that, your dentist will be the one to make the crown for your dental implant.


Always ask for a professional opinion concerning your health. Go to your periodontist and ask all the questions you have to make sure you understand the pros and cons and all your options before deciding to opt for a dental implant.

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