How Bad Oral Hygiene Can Ruin Your Relationship


The worst thing that a sweet man may ever hear from the woman he pursues is, “I like you, but I prefer someone who has better oral hygiene than you.”

Ooh, the burn from that statement! You did your best to woo her, yet she turned you down because you do not take care of your mouth enough? It might sting more than getting toothpaste in your eye, to be honest. 

Instead of being upset with the situation, though, you have to admire that kind of girl’s straightforward attitude. She may not be merely throwing shade at you – she might have said something your dear, old friends should have told you a long time ago but were too meek to discuss it with you openly. Thus, you need to honestly assess your oral health and make the necessary change if need be. Otherwise, it can ruin your future romantic relationship in more ways than one (as seen below).


  1. It Might Disgust Your Date

For starters, let’s use a little imagination here. The date night is over, and you are leaning towards the lady for a goodnight kiss before you leave. Although she does the same, you notice her pulling back with fingers pinching her nose as soon as your breath reaches her. 

A lovely girl will create an alibi at that moment regarding why she cannot kiss you rather than tell you that it is because you have awful breath. A sassy woman, on the other hand, might give you a mint candy without a word, and then shut the door on your face. If you can invite either person for another date, then that is an absolute miracle. If not, it will only be embarrassing to ask and get crushed due to your oral health

  1. Gum Disease Has A Connection To Erectile Dysfunction

Several studies claim that there is a link between impotence and poor gum health that one cannot ignore. More likely, the issue begins with the periodontal disease. As it worsens, the chances of having erectile dysfunction increases as well.

Of course, you do not deserve to deal with that situation. It will be a total letdown, primarily because an active sex life is essential for couples. So you have to look after your oral hygiene better to prevent that.


  1. Your Confidence Level May Take A Nosedive

When the rejection from girls becomes quite frequent, it is possible for the incidences to dampen your self-confidence. You might approach fewer women, in fear of getting turned down once more. Even your social life might suffer too.

Despite that, is depression the answer to your problem? No – you need to face facts regarding your bad oral hygiene and do something about it. Try the usual routines at first, such as brushing your teeth no less than three times within 24 hours and flossing. You may also use a tongue cleaner and mouthwash, considering your needs go beyond a toothbrush and floss. If all else fails, you should then go to a dental clinic to gain some advice.


In The End

Look after your oral health, will you? 

Similar to your clothes and shoes, one of the things that new acquaintances examine is the condition of your gums, teeth, and your breath. When they realize that your mouth stinks, your teeth are almost decaying, and your gums are in bad shape, even the bachelorettes may widen their distance from you. Hence, having a stable relationship with any of them will become a far-fetched dream.

Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Teeth

Have you ever encountered a person who does not like his or her teeth one bit?

We are yet to meet that individual, but it does not entail that everyone has a fantastic relationship with their pearly whites. Some eat anything and rarely brush their teeth, assuming that if they fall off, it is easy to get dentures now. Others do not feel content with their bare teeth and often ask the dentist if they can wear braces, Invisalign, or colored retainers to make them fabulous.


When you look at either scenario in a different perspective, you will notice that both of them are just as unhealthy as munching on too many sweets. The former shows lack of appreciation for the permanent teeth, while the latter proves to have more care about aesthetics and will put anything on their teeth to beautify them.

In case you realize your ill relationship with your teeth just now, you can always try to improve that in these ways:

  1. Visit A Dentist

You should understand before anything else that you are welcome to keep your crooked, chipped, or gapped teeth. Various countries, after all, have different standards of beauty, so that is OK. However, if that is the main thing that’s bothering you, do not hesitate to go to a dental clinic to know what the dentist can do to straighten them. 

The dentist can also sort out the plaques, cavities, and rot that you may have. Such problems tend to leave holes on the sides or in the middle of a tooth, which may often make you worry when your tongue touches them. Besides, they can give you bad breath; that is why you honestly need to consult a doctor about them.

  1. Consider Whitening Methods


Having stained teeth is embarrassing, especially when a close friend or colleague starts calling you out or making fun of you because of it. In case you cannot avoid ingesting pigmented stuff, e.g., coffee, red wine, dark sauces, et cetera, you may choose to get treatments that’ll whiten them.

Your primary concern at this point is your budget. If you are well-off, then you can see a dentist regularly for a whitening session. If you want to stay on a budget, though, there are DIY products you may use at home to obtain similar results.

  1. Gain Confidence


As mentioned above, what is considered as beautiful in one place is not gorgeous in another location. That should be able to clue you in on the fact that your relationship with your teeth does not have to be corrupt and that you can love them as much as the loveliest part of your body. All you need is a boost of confidence.

What some people suggest is showing off your pearly whites more. Flash a smile to anyone and don’t think of what they might think about your imperfect teeth. Establish a connection with amazing folks as well who can see the flaw as an asset and stay away from individuals who always tell you that you are ugly because of it.


The bottom line is, you should love everything about yourself to find real happiness. If you always have a love/hate relationship with even the tiniest bits of you, e.g., teeth, then that is not healthy at all. Seek the preceding tips to resolve that ASAP, or look for other ways on the internet. Good luck!


How To Get The Perfect Smile Before Marriage

Are the wedding bells about to ring for you and your future spouse?

Wow, best wishes in advance! It is incredible to know that you found your best match among the billions of people on this planet. Many are not as lucky as you are, and they end up being alone until old age. 


Besides working out and picking out wedding garb and accessories, though, you should make sure that you have a perfect smile before marriage. After all, the designated photographer will capture a gazillion photos as a remembrance of that eventful day. If you still possess yellowish or crooked teeth by then and you put upper and lower sets in full view, how do you think the images will turn out later?

Here are some tips on how to get that gorgeous smile in time for one of the most significant events in your life.

  1. Make Your Oral Health A Priority

Brushing your pearly whites two to three times a day is not the only thing you can do at home to keep them healthy. It is also great to clean your tongue and then use mouthwash regularly. Just ensure, however, that the toothpaste you are using does not have harsh ingredients and that your rinse is alcohol-free.

  1. Consult A Dentist


You can schedule a consultation with a dentist as well at least a month before the wedding day to learn about the status of your teeth. In case there are any gaps or chipping, the doctor can give you options immediately on what to do with that. Thus, your smile will be perfect for the occasion.

  1. Avoid Staining 

Coffee addicts are prone to having stained teeth due to the dark pigmentation of the beverage. Despite that, drinking it with a straw may resolve the issue since the liquid will not ideally touch those pearly whites of yours. If you are longing to sip caffeine straight from a cup or mug, merely think of how awesome it will be to have white teeth on your wedding pictures.

  1. Eat More Greens

In line with the previous tip, you should also stay away from foods that can potentially stain your teeth, e.g., barbecue sauce, berries, candies, et cetera. What you ought to concentrate on are uncooked vegetables and other fruit varieties so that you need not worry about your smile in the future.

  1. Try DIY Techniques 

Considering you do not have time to visit a dentist because of the marriage preparations and whatnot, you may opt for at-home treatments too. You are free to choose anything from gels to trays to strips – whichever you feel comfortable using by yourself. Though their effect only lasts for several weeks, as long as they keep your teeth white in time for the wedding, then you are all set.

  1. Smile Smartly


Outside of the dental realm, you can practice how to smile in front of the mirror as well. Find out if you look good with none of your teeth showing or with only the upper or lower set visible, for instance. Also, see if it is better to pull your lips wide or only offer a small smile to the camera to make sure that your dental issues will not be on display.


Ascertain that your smile – and not just yourself – is ready for the marriage. Cheers!