2016 Tampa Periodontics Symposium: How Having Dentures Makes Life Better

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Our teeth only grow twice in a lifetime. If unfortunately, we experience something that causes us to lose them permanently, we have the option of having dentures. Most people are hesitant or ashamed of getting them, especially when they’re still young. During the 2016 Tampa Periodontics Symposium, the benefits of having dentures to having a positive life were discussed.

5 Benefits Of Having Dentures:

Better Communication

Losing teeth may cause you to have a hard time speaking. It may be because of the new gaps inside the mouth, and it also may be because you are conscious about it. You don’t want others to notice why you are uncomfortable, but as soon as you have dentures, you can speak without difficulty and hesitation.

Better Digestion

Your teeth are what you use to grind the food in your mouth, converting it into smaller pieces before finally swallowing. What happens when you lose a set of teeth in the part of the mouth where you usually chew food? It may cause you not to grind the food adequately, making it hard to digest.


Better Self-Esteem

Back then, it is easy to determine if a person is wearing dentures, but time has changed. It is hard to tell for the people around and yourself as well that you are wearing dentures. They now feel and look natural, and you don’t have to worry about them slipping or falling. Technology, nowadays, ascertain that dentures are anchored and placed securely.

Better Smile

It may be harder to smile when you are missing teeth. There may be a reformed facial structure as it can cause bone loss in the jaw. It is difficult to smile when you feel something is off, and the people around you might notice. For some reason, it is easy to say whether a person is missing teeth by the way they smile. Sometimes, some may even cover their mouth. Wearing dentures assure that you don’t have to feel conscious and embarrassed when smiling.

Better Appearance

Dentures can help your facial structure look younger as it helps in preventing wrinkles especially on the part of the face close to the mouth. Dentures help in supporting the facial structure so the skin would not collapse.

Source: pexels.com

Dentures make life better. However, there are several ways to make sure they last long and that they remain hygienic. Just as taking care of the teeth, it is vital that you tend to your dentures on a daily basis. During the 2016 Tampa Periodontics Symposium, it was also discussed how paying a visit to the dentist is essential to oral health.